Day of non violence and Peace 2013/2014

Day of non violence and Peace 2013/2014

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Colección REDEC

Días D

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Infantil, primaria, secundaria, bachillerato y ciclos formativos

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D-Days are a simple way of celebrating, in the classroom or in the whole school, international days that are important for an education that implements values. Each day includes a poster to hang on the wall of the classroom. On the other side of the poster you will find didactic proposals adapted to the various ages and educational stages. These proposals should last approximately one hour and all of them finish with a symbolic gesture that can be done by a group or by the whole school.


30th of March is school day of peace and non-violence. For this reason, to celebrate this day we approach civil and political rights (“first generation rights”). Their main aim is to guarantee life, physical safety and freedom.

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