Hospitality JRS publication (secondary and primary hand book)

Hospitality JRS publication (secondary and primary hand book)

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The activity handbook you have in your hands is part of a Campaign for Hospitality organised by the Jesuit Network for Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM LAC) with other sponsor organisations. The aim of the campaign and of this activity handbook is to enable children and young people to:
Do we know the reality of people who are forced to move, their aspira- tions, difficulties and needs?
Do we know if their rights are respected in our communities?
Do we realise how these people enrich our societies?
How can we get to know them better and welcome one another?
Acknowledge the reality of migrants, refugees and forcibly
displaced people.
Discover the richness of cultural diversity and intercultural societies.
Welcome and respect everyone.
Defend the dignity and rights of foreigners, forced migrants, refugees and
displaced people.


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